Wireless Transmission Modules

VIT RF Microwave Links

VIT originally developed its own miniature RF wireless camera and data links for its covert operations and kits.

In the past years VIT has developed a version for one of the UKs major CCTV distributors which is distributed in three versions to the security marketplace.
These versions operate from 300m to 500m and can carry video, audio and telemetry data.
VIT also manufactures miniature versions for covert operation, and ultra-low power versions.

These have been flown in UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) and hidden in small objects and installations to allow clear wireless transmission from camera to recording/monitoring location and even the ability to control the pan tlt and zoom of cameras remotely.

The Techie Bit:
VIT Wireless transmission systems: 

  • operate on licence free 5.8Ghz frequency 
  • use legal 25mW power limiters 
  • optimise operation with specialist tuned antennae (directional and omnidirectional) 
  • use 12v and 5v low power circuitry 
  • have a very small sized footprint for covert operation