VIT 55 Fog Cameras

Superior quality surveillance images

VIT - VIT-55-Fog-Camera

Longview 2 - Specifications*

CCD size 1/3”
PAL Video output 570 Lines
Low Light Level 0.012 Lux
Supply Voltage 9VDC to 15VDC
Peak Current 125mA
Dynamic Contrast Correction 15dB
  • In all low visibility conditions including smoke, rain, mist, fog, dust & spray
  • Auto contrast correction by up to 15dB
  • Advanced image processing allows the cameras to see past bright objects i.e. headlights and maintain image quality

Excellent image quality at long distances

At long distances there is always some haze, even on a clear day. Haze over around 2km can decrease visibility by 12 dB. VIT Fog Cameras improve image quality at any distance.

Automatic recognition of lens type

Fog Camera automatically recognises Direct Drive or Video Drive lenses fitted.

  • No need for manual switching
  • With nothing plugged into the iris connector, the camera will automatically switch on the electronic shutter

*Manufacturing specifications subject to change