Surveillance Solution for UK Government Client

Surveillance Integration for Major Government Office Complex in Central London

The Challenge

High profile Government employees and their places of work are potential targets for terrorist attacks, public disorder and demonstrations.   The team charged with ensuring the security of the building had a critical requirement for high quality surveillance of key locations and access points and the ability to gain immediate situation awareness.  In addition, given their sensitive location in Central London, they also had a remit to support the wider security community and so needed to be able to rapidly locate and promulgate evidential quality footage and reports.  Their existing system was unable to support this requirement and a complete upgrade of the surveillance system and control room was required.

The Solution

To vastly improve the security team’s capacity to monitor activity in and around the building, we provided over 30 of our highly-acclaimed high-resolution colour and ultra-low-light cameras, replacing older and less-reliable cameras as well as situating new cameras in vulnerable and previously unmonitored locations.   In addition to this VIT carefully deployed an intelligent array of specialist cameras in strategic locations.  These included:

The full installation was completed incrementally with zero downtime and no impact on routine security operations.  The new, vastly improved, capability offered to the site’s security detail has been supplied as a carefully designed and fully integrated solution and it is already achieving excellent results.