Provision of Longview 2 Surveillance Systems to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police

VIT - Case Study 1 - RCMP

The Challenge

Canada’s national police force, the RCMP is charged with combating terrorism and organised crime, protecting the security of the nation’s borders and enhancing the safety of Canada’s public. The visual verification of subjects of interest across vast open spaces such as borders, and in the dark is an enduring and costly problem.  Although much of this capability gap can be bridged with thermal imaging, such a solution is extremely costly, even prohibitive for the public finances. 


The Solution

We are delighted to have been selected by the RCMP for a multi-unit order for Longview 2, our long range surveillance system.  Comprising VIT’s long-range, ultra-low-light and through-fog technology in a single surveillance system, the Longview 2 has provided the RCMP with the ability to capture evidential quality imagery in near darkness, in fog, snow and other challenging low-visibility conditions. 


Longview 2 has an effective range for large subjects (ships and installations) of up to 30km and can successfully identify a person at 2km and because it operates in the visible spectrum produces evidential quality imagery.  In addition, the Longview 2 has an extremely low power draw.  This combined with its light-weight rapid deployment make the Longview 2 an affordable, fully versatile multi-role surveillance capability.