VIT deliver fleet of mobile surveillance platforms

VIT Security Group have delivered a fleet of 8 mobile surveillance platforms to a government customer in the Middle East.

The trailers, built on a heavy duty double axle chassis, are designed to augment the network of fixed observation towers by providing a mobile and rapid deployment surge capability.  Equipped with the Longview 2 long range surveillance cameras and Longview laser illumination these cameras offer ultra-long range observation by day, night and poor weather.

The system was designed and built by VIT to run silently on batteries with a generator backup enabling extended independent field operation.

Tom Knowles Jackson, VIT Sales Director, said ‘we are extremely pleased with the reception these platforms have had with the end users.  Their design and development was a result of close collaboration and we are confident we have fielded a system that will prove to be an invaluable capability in the arduous conditions in the user's environment.’

Dave Harmon, VIT CEO, said ‘The development of these trailers is another example of VIT’s ability to build systems that are fit for purpose in the real world and we look forward to expanding this part of our business in our new premises in  Hertfordshire’.

For more information, please contact:

Tom Knowles Jackson
Sales Director

VIT Security Group
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