VIT Introduction

Backlash Comparison

Big Impact-Fog

Panama-Fog View

Fly Tipping-Covert View

Trap Car-Covert View

Coin Theft-Dark View

Fly Tipping-Dark View

UAV with Dark View

Infinity & Dark View ANPR

2007 London Trials-Longview1

Airport Enviroment-Longview2

Maritime Domaine-Longview2

Ankara, Turkey – Longview 2 with Laser

San Francisco

Thailand Demonstration

Longview 2 in the Middle East

LONGVIEW 2 - Bahrain Demonstration (small) v2

Sheikh Isa Causeway Bridge - Night

Playing Football - Through Bright Lights at night

Bahrain Airport - Haze & Night

Bahrain - Waterfront Footage

Urban Surveillance - Night

Dubai - Poor Visibility Trials, September 2012

The Burj Al Arab - Sand Storm

Bahrain Night Surveillance

Longview 2 - Qatar Demonstration

Associated videos

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